Newcastle fan groups are united in their message to club – report

A Newcastle United fan coalition have released a statement calling for a total boycott of the club until Mike Ashley leaves, The Chronicle have reported.

Their plan is to avoid going to matches and refuse to buy official merchandise until the club is sold.

The idea is to boycott the first home game of the season to send a powerful image to the Premier League by having an as empty stadium as possible.

In a joint statement released by online fan groups @ifRafagoeswego, @emptyforashley, @TheMagpieGroup, @AshleyOutdotcom, @Mike_Ashley_Out, and @NUFC360 they said: “Each of us wants to be shoulder to shoulder, united in voice for our club so let’s get ambitious.

“Let’s change the narrative. Let’s show what can happen when you disrespect a city, a community, a passionate, obsessed fanbase.

“To this end, we call on all NUFC supporters to show the world that we will not take it lying down, that we will no longer stand idly by while he systematically and deliberately destroys this once great club. The first step is to boycott the Arsenal game.”

Last week The Daily Star reported club staff had been busier dealing with customers wanting to cancel direct debits for season tickets than handling renewals or new business.

It remains to be seen how many empty seats there will be at St James’ Park for the Arsenal game, but, it may all be for nothing if there is no takeover and the fans flock back for the Watford game.

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