Another Sky Sports Journalist Responds To BZG Statement And Defends Peter Redding

Pete Graves of Sky Sports has issued a defense of Peter Redding yesterday when Keith Downie kind of called into question his honesty.

Yesterday Keith had sent tweeted out responses to fan questions about why Sky Sports was not reporting on the statement BZG issued through Peter Redding. Downie at first simply responded “I don’t believe it”.

When pressed on what he did not exactly believe, and given a list of options which included the reliability of Capital Radio UAE’s Peter Redding, Keith responded with the affirmative on the questionable reliability of Redding.

After it was pointed out that in the past his colleague Pete Graves had vouched for Peter’s credibility, Keith did not provide a particular response to that bit of information.

Well the fan on Twitter got this information to Pete Graves who was compelled to give a diplomatic response which defended Peter Redding without referencing his colleague.

Peter Graves again tweeted on the issue this morning when asked if he had any further information. The fan also made the statement that this was the “worst summer” ever. Though, we believe it is right now a toss up with the summer of 2009.

Here Peter is recognizing sources in Dubai being “adamant” that this deal is happening. However, he also says sources outside of Dubai are “advising extreme caution”.

We can see why some journalists are hesitant to report on this proposed takeover. It seems like the sources are in complete opposite ends of the spectrum on what is really going on.

This could all be cleared up, or at least the rot slowed, if Mike Ashley would just communicate. But he is just loathe to do any of that with Newcastle, though we noticed he was effusive in his praise about top executive Karen Byers when she left Sports Direct.

That’s because he cares about the image of Sports Direct and is accountable to their customers and shareholders. He doesn’t remotely seem to care about the image or the fans of Newcastle United.

We agree with Peter though, this has been a very weird summer.

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