Sky Reporter Gives Take On BZG Statement

There has been no reporting from either Sky Sports or the Chronicle about Peter Redding’s alleged statements from BZG. The statement has however been reported in the Sun and in outlets in Dubai among others.

After being asked on Twitter why there has been no reports of the BZG statement, Keith Downie of Sky Sports simply stated the following:

When questioned on Twitter about the statement at least being worthy of reporting whether true of false, Keith responded with:

He then goes further and asserts that he does not believe the statement because Peter Redding and the avenue used are unreliable:

When further pressed and asked what exactly he doesn’t believe, whether the statement is not from BZG or if BZG are lying, he clarified his initial statement with:

Many Newcastle supporters will feel exactly as Keith Downie does that releasing a statement like this, in this format, is very questionable. However the complete silence by Sky Sports and the Chronicle are very strange to say the least.

Also, I don’t think you want to go by the credo that you will only report what you believe to be true. That is for the audience to decide. And if your network is constantly trotting out the likes of Dennis Wise to pump up Mike Ashley, then you may not be following that credo too well.

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