Latest “Update” On Takeover Can Have Many Interpretations

The latest tweets by Peter Redding have added more confusion for an already bewildered fan base. If the statements attributed to BZG are in fact legitimate, and that is a big if at this point, what is their purpose?

A person looking favorably on the tweets could see this as BZG trying to quell the fears of the fans while defending themselves, though being unable to do that in an official manner due to non-disclosure agreements.

Someone looking at the deal as doubtful could see the statement as a precursor to the official announcement of its collapse.

Another way to look at it is a complete farce engineered by Mike Ashley and his public relations guru.

If we take the statements at face value, what on earth do they mean?

The first sentence in the initial tweet insinuates that Peter Redding has just come from a meeting with BZG officials and they want to put the following information on record.

The term “put on record” is generally used in regards to disputing counterclaims. In this case, it could refer to recent media reports of no bids being made in the Chronicle and Sky Sports.

The next sentence clearly states that both parties have worked diligently to complete this deal. If Mike Ashley was moving the goalposts, why would they mention both parties and not just say “we”.

They also then claim they have completed every aspect of a takeover process. This first tweet by Peter Redding seems to us to be positive.

The only part that leaves room for doubt is the “none more so than ourselves” when referencing the diligent work on finalising the deal. Though this could just be seen a defense of their integrity due to the reports in the media.

Remember, they made the claims that this takeover was in process in May so any news to the contrary would be an affront to their character.

The second tweet is just a blanket refutation of press reports that no bid or Premier League approval processes have been made.

This statement leads us to believe that the Premier League approval processes are still in place and could be holding up the deal. Though they also do not mention a bid being accepted which would have clarified this statement that much more.

They just mention that press claims of no bid are untrue however if a bid was accepted why would that not have been mentioned at some point.

The final tweet also leads to some confusion once examined fully.

From this tweet, it appears as though Mike Ashley has been a willing participant though again their is no reference to a deal being accepted on his part.

The “if a deal is not forthcoming” phrase is admittedly very worrying though seems to suggest that it is out of the hands for both Mike Ashley and BZG.

Though again we have no specific claims that Mike Ashley has agreed to anything just that he has worked diligently and amicably.

The “due to a lack of effort of both parties” also can be taken as either a positive or a negative. It could be seen that both parties are eager for the deal to go through. Or the “effort” could be alluding to the still ongoing negotiations between Mike Ashley and BZG.

There are both positives and negatives in these statements. So basically we are no closer to finding out what stage this takeover is at.

It would certainly be nice for either Mike Ashley or the Premier League to make some sort of statement at this stage.

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