‘I know who I believe’ – These Newcastle fans react to latest twist in takeover saga

Mike Ashley currently has no offer on the table from the Bin Zayed Group, according to The Chronicle.

On their website, they stated: “Our understanding this morning is that there is NO bid from the BZG on the table at the moment.”

Judging by the supporters’ reactions on social media the fanbase is divided, with some believing the statement, while others think the opposite and that there is an offer from the middle east company.

The Sun have previously reported that there is a bid and have even updated their initial story by insisting the deal is ‘progressing well.’

Capital Radio UAE sports presenter Peter Redding, who maintains he is in contact with the Bin Zayed Group, Tweeted: “Contrary to some media outlets reporting there is no bid on the table, BZG have stated this is “simply not true.

“Also pushed them on statement – “Incoming” was all I was told. For the sake of all fans the two parties need to finalise this and communicate.”

The Chronicle does not agree and the polar stances have been mirrored by the supporters and some took to Twitter to express which side of the fence they find themselves on.

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