A Week Of Competing Tweets, No Statements, And No Clarity On Newcastle Takeover

Early this week after Peter Redding tweeted that BZG were “buoyant” and had a statement ready in the next few days, the Shields Gazette followed up and seemed to verify this reporting.

The Shields Gazette put out an article with the following information:

The Gazette understands that could even be as soon as tomorrow. The content of the statement, which has already been drafted, is not known, though.

It could be in connection with the story over the weekend from the Mirror, that Sheikh Khaled’s group had an influence on the decision to allow Benitez to leave.

The statement never came, however, that same day Khalid Al Qasimi was found deceased in his London apartment. The CNN article had this about the son of Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi:

Funeral prayers were held for Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi on Wednesday as the emirate announced three days of mourning, with flags flying at half staff.

The death of a member of the UAE royal family could possibly have had an affect on the timing of any statement from the Bin Zayed Group.

The Chronicle’s Lee Ryder then reported that no bid has been made after being questioned on Twitter about why the Chronicle won’t report any updates on the takeover.

That tweet was followed up by Peter Redding yesterday with the following:

To which Sky Sports’ Peter Downie responded with these two tweets:

Liam Kennedy of the Shields Gazette had also followed up on his reporting earlier in the week with these two tweets:

It seems to us that the journalists have been pushed into two separate camps and it depends on who their sources are. Peter Redding and Liam Kennedy appear to be getting their information from sources close to BZG. While Lee Ryder and Keith Downie seem to be getting their information from the club, and that would mean Mike Ashley.

This is the worrying part of this whole ordeal. All evidence points to the Bin Zayed Group trying to buy Newcastle from a very unwilling and cunningly deceitful Mike Ashley. He just does not want to sell the club or is continually moving the goalposts on BZG.

This situation is being dragged out and Newcastle United supporters are stuck in a purgatory of continual letdown. Like Sisyphus pushing his rock with great effort and hope each day only to have the boulder fall back down the hill again.

Each day we push our rock of hope up our hill of despair, with a chorus of competing journalist in the background, only for the day to end with our hope crashing back to earth and taking us with it.

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