Players And Club Tweet After First Day Back

The players have completed their first day back at Newcastle in preparation for the season ahead. The club kept up with the activities of the day on Twitter sending out pictures and videos of the players.

They can be very good at communicating when it deals with things like training but it only highlights how sorely the club is lacking in other areas of communication.

However, in this case the communication with the fans was excellent as they sent out the following tweets:

One gripe we would have is that the club seems to be intent on acting as if everything is normal when it definitely is not. Some communication about the proposed takeover, the manager search, or even the future plans of the club would really help to calm the fears of many supporters.

In regards to the tweets on the activities of the day, we have no complaints. Though something really needs to be said about the state of the club off the pitch at the moment.

A handful of players also got involved and sent out tweets recognizing their first day back at training. One of the ones we were very happy to see back was Florian Lejeune who sent out a tweet simply saying “First day of pre-season training!”

However, he was carrying a bag over his head and with the current state of affairs at the club we were slightly worried that he may have packed up and left. Then we realized it was a weight bag and it was being used for fitness. In all seriousness, it is great to see Florian make such strides in his recovery from his second devastating knee injury in less than a year.

Here are the tweets went out by Florian, Federico Fernandez, and Paul Dummett:

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