One More Shoe To Fall – Let’s Hope It’s Positive For The Club

Neil reported earlier today that Peter Redding, the Geordie journalist in the UAE for Capital Radio, said the statement soon to be released by the Sheikh led BZG would be the last word on their takeover attempt.

Peter said it would finalize the takeover one way or the other.

Here’s the tweet from James (@ToonCaboom) about three hours ago.

Chronicle reporter Lee Ryder is still sticking by the club’s whispers that the owner has still not received a bid yet – but not sure why they would believe Ashley given his long history of lies at Newcastle.

This man simply cannot be trusted – we all know that.

Mike Ashley – Newcastle owner – but not for long?

Peter Redding said that it’s simply not true and a bid has been made to Ashley and they say it’s £350M.

If Sheikh Khaled reports he tried but couldn’t buy Newcastle, then it’s becasue Mike Ashley doesn’t want to sell and he should come out and tell the truth for a change.

If that happens then our fans will do av everything they can to force out the owner – to save the club from any further damage – but any demonstrations and the like will need to be peaceful.

We should remember that potential new owners will be watching and could potentially come in and buy the club.

But that’s only if the Sheikh comes out and says he was unable to buy the club.

The excellent news would be that they have bought the club and then we’ll ask the Chronicle why they kept reporting, since May 26th, that Ashley had not received a bid for the club.

Maybe becasue that’s what Ashley told them.

But there have been two sets of facts – one from the club and one from Newcastle – both cannot be true.

But if BZ do manage to buy the club, they will presumably name their manager and if it’s Jose Mourinho then – wait for it – Ashley may even have told the truth about not wanting to give Rafa a new deal because it would cost the new owners a £6M buyout clause.

But the Sun reporter Justin Allen, who broke the takeover news, has already said that Rafa was the manager BZG wanted.

So there’s one more shoe to fall – and we hope it’s positive for Newcastle fans and the club.

Losing Rafa was a severe and unnecessary blow the club will find difficult to overcome.

And like yesterday – pretending nothing was wrong – is like putting your head in the sand – but come to think of it that’s the way Ashley has run the club since May, 007.

It’s like having an elephant in the room and nobody comments on it.

But if Ashley leaves and Sheikh Khaled comes in – there could still be dancing in the streets in Newcastle very soon.


We have to hope and pray some good news is on the way.

We need it.

Howay The Lads!!

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