Club Tweets Happy Birthday To Jonas Gutierrez – Some Fans Not Happy

Newcastle United have tweeted a happy birthday message this morning to former midfielder Jonas Gutierrez on his 36th birthday.

Many fans, however, were not happy with this tweet as they felt it was somewhat disrespectful and hypocritical given the club’s treatment of Jonas when he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Here are a few of the responses by some fans:

We certainly understand the sentiments being expressed here as the treatment of Jonas by Mike Ashley was unconscionable. However, we feel it would have been far worse for the club to ignore his birthday as it is customary for the club to tweet out messages on the birthdays of former players.

Over the past month, messages were sent in recognition of four former player’s birthdays.

The club even used the phrase Jonas used earlier in the week when he commemorated his anniversary of joining the club – “Once a geordie always a geordie”.

We think it would have been reprehensible not to send out well wishes to Jonas Gutierrez on his birthday and would show a further predilection towards vengeance on the part of Mike Ashley.

This is one thing the club got right in our opinion.

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