Capital Radio UAE’s Quotes BZG On Reports Of No Bid As “Simply Not True”

Yesterday Lee Ryder of the Chronicle tweeted in response to a fan asking about the takeover that as he understands it there have been no bids yet.

This is the exchange between Lee and the fan:

What we can gather from Lee’s tweet is that he has been told that “there is still no bid on the table”, however this may not be “concrete info”.

We wonder who exactly has told Lee that there has been no bid made yet. It would have to be from second-hand sources because if that came from the club, it would surely have been worth reporting as that is concrete information.

Peter Redding has again taken to Twitter but this time in response to media claims that the Bin Zayed Group have not made a bid yet.

This is Peter’s tweet:

It seems from this that Peter has directly contacted someone at the group and they have refuted the media reports from yesterday.

Peter also added that he did press his source about the pending statement and that all he was told was that it was “incoming”.

Peter then followed up a question about what the statement would entail. The fan asking the question seemed to hope that it would be positive. However from Peter’s response, it seems that it could go either way.

While Peter Redding has been very communicative about this situation and he seems as frustrated with the uncertainty of it all like the rest of us, we just don’t know what to make of it.

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