Report – Newcastle’s Transfer Budget To Top £100m

The Daily Star are reporting that Newcastle’s transfer budget this summer will top £100m, which if spent in total would easily be the highest spent in any transfer window by the club.

How the Daily Star come to this amount is not as straightforward as the title of the article suggests. Basically they are reporting that the transfer budget is £60m plus the £30m from the sale of Ayoze Perez. But that only amounts to £90m you might be asking.

Well, I’ll leave it to Ian Murtagh of the Daily Star to fill you in on the rest of it:

Newcastle sources insist the cash raised from Perez’ imminent move to the Foxes will be added to the £60m already promised to Rafa Benitez before his own departure earlier this week.

And with wantaway Isaac Hayden keen to quit St James’ Park for personal reasons and unlikely to leave for less than £15m, Benitez’ replacement will have a budget for the season running into nine figures.

As you can see, Murtagh is adding player sales to this amount and he is including Isaac Hayden in that equation.

It is true that Isaac Hayden will want to leave this summer to be closer to home for personal reasons. Rafa Benitez was sympathetic to Isaac and was seemingly resigned to his departure this summer.

However, we’ll have to see what happens under the new manager. Though we would expect the club to respect Isaac’s request as it is legitimate and he has acted professionally throughout this season.

Though there is yet to be an offer for Hayden and until one of significant value comes in, Isaac is a Newcastle United player.

Newcastle United Training Centre– where shirts are held and photos are taken

Ian Murtagh also touches on the likely skepticism by fans to this assertion or reinvesting in the squad, as it not very Ashley-esque. Ian Murtagh writes:

That sum will be greeted with plenty of scepticism by a fanbase still reeling from Benitez’ departure, upset at owner Mike Ashley’s running of the club and divided over Perez’ move to a Premier League rival.

He then reasserts him claims of the large transfer budget by referring to sources inside the club. He continues:

But insiders are adamant that Lee Charnley will honour his April pledge that £60m plus every penny raised through sales is to be invested in the team and the new man will be provided with the sort of funds his predecessor could only dream about.

I think Alan Shearer has the appropriate response to this claim.

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