Ayoze Talks Of Ambition In First Interview After Leaving Newcastle

Leicester City’s website have posted Ayoze Perez’s first interview since joining their club.

What he speaks of is what Newcastle United sorely lack under the stewardship of Mike Ashley. This is what he has said about what attracted him to Leicester City:

“[I like] the ambition of the Club. They want to keep growing as much as they can and that’s something I liked. I spoke with the manager (Brendan Rodgers) – that was an important fact. That made me feel very comfortable about the decision to come here.

“He’s such a great manager. We all know what we can do playing under him. Obviously, he’s been a big part of the deal, to make the decision, and in this case, to come to Leicester.”

Newcastle United have zero ambition other than survival and that is just not good enough for a club of this size and history. This is why Rafa Benitez is gone and why Ayoze Perez is now too.

It will also be the reason Newcastle will fail to attract a manager of decent ability as well as new players of real quality.

This is kind of a kick in the gut right now and it seems that Ayoze had grown very weary in his time at Newcastle. To be fair, it has been a constant struggle not just since he joined in 2014 but since Bobby Robson was sacked in 2004.

Times have grown even darker since 2007 when Mike Ashley became the owner of this club. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for the fans with some moderate highs (2012 and Rafa Benitez) and some staggering lows (Andy Carroll, 2 relegations, and loss of Rafa).

Just as Ayoze Perez has started a new cycle with Leicester City, Newcastle United will start a new cycle without Ayoze Perez or Rafa Benitez.

Can we go back in time to past cycle, please?

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