Writer For Football365 Is Absolutely Spot On About Mike Ashley

Daniel Storey is a football writer for many outlets. He has written an excellent piece for Football365 about the current plight of Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.

These types of articles are vital in letting the footballing public fully understand what is going on in Newcastle. But these types of articles are too few and far between. The Football press have spent more time in the past three days shredding Rafa Benitez’s decision to go to China than they have in exposing Ashley’s entire reign of terror at Newcastle.

Storey’s piece comes on the heels of the latest kick in the teeth to Toon fans everywhere – the sale of Ayoze Perez. He is another writer also calling for a boycott as being the only solution to ridding the club of Mike Ashley.

This piece is a testament to the understanding of the history of Newcastle and the current situation of their long suffering supporters.

Daniel writes:

But Newcastle United is not a functioning football club. It’s barely a football club at all, a husk of a once great institution that cries out in the night for due care and attention. Newcastle are not Notts County or Bury, clubs battling merely to maintain their existence, but that doesn’t absolve Ashley of any blame or make this situation any less sad. There is sorrow to be found in cruelty as well as extinction; this isn’t a competition. Newcastle are a club where the bright dawn never arrives, made dark through a thousand broken promises.

This is poetically tragic in its accuracy. Newcastle has been abandoned by those charged with its care. It has left the fans in a state beyond desperation.

This article is excellent and touches on all of the current plights of being a Newcastle supporter under Ashley. It also speaks of the only possible solution going forward and that is a boycott- and Storey even knows how difficult that decision will be for the fans of this great club.

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