Capital Radio Host In Dubai Posts That BZG Are Amazed At Newcastle Support

Capital Radio Host Peter Redding has posted on Twitter about the alleged statement from BZG he had tweeted about on Monday.

He is not backing of his original declaration that a statement is forth coming. He also mentions that the Bin Zayed Group are amazed at the support they are getting from Newcastle United fans:

This is what Peter Redding has tweeted in response to some fans questioning the lack of a statement coming out the past two days:

The Shields Gazette had followed up Redding’s information with a claim that the BZG group had a statement already drafted and would be released on Tuesday.

Well Tuesday came and went and all Newcastle fans got was confirmation that their beloved manager and top goalscorer were on their way to inferior clubs.

At this point, we do not know what to make of this takeover talk. It is really getting to the point of being a farce at the moment. Someone needs to make a statement whether good or bad so Newcastle United fans can make the very hard decision of how to proceed with supporting this club.

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