Is Ayoze Perez In Leicester Ahead Of Medical?

Talk Sport broadcaster and Leicester City fan Geoff Peters has sent Newcastle fans into a panic with two tweets.

Peters has tweeted the following discouraging information about Ayoze Perez:

We are not sure of the veracity of these tweets and at first brushed it off as we assumed Ayoze was in Spain. He had recently given an interview to Binter Canarias magazine.

Though now both the Shields Gazette and the Chronicle have tweeted out this information, though they both are just reporting what Geoff Peters had originally tweeted.

We would be very surprised if Ayoze Perez went to Leicester City. He has really only spoken of going back to La Liga where Champions League club Valencia are said to be very interested.

There also have been no reports of any bids let alone any that have been accepted.

If this turns out to be the case and Ayoze Perez moves to Leicester City, it will underline the current dreadful state of our club. We can understand losing our top players to Champions League clubs in their home country or to Manchester United.

We cannot and will not understand that one of our stars would move to Leicester City.

The fact that this move would even be a consideration shows what a scourge Mike Ashley has been to this revered club.

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