Ayoze Perez Again Talks About Cycles In First Post-Rafa Interview

The Chronicle have a report out on comments Ayoze Perez has made to Binter Canarias Magazine.

These are the comments that Ayoze Perez made when asked about his current situation on Tyneside:

“I think five years is a long time. I’m one of those people who understands there’s a need to close a cycle to open a new one at the most opportunistic and convenient time. Perhaps this is it. I have a feeling the summer will be big”

It was back in March when Ayoze said something similar to El Chirinquito TV. This is part of what Ayoze said then:

“I believe in the cycles. I think there is a moment where you plan things, to undergo a change and I think after five years, I think it’s the moment.”

While it would be easy to attribute these latest comments on the departure of Rafa Benitez, it really does seem that Ayoze is at a crossroads and may want to start a new chapter at another club.

Of course, the loss of his brilliant compatriot will only hasten his desire to leave. If you really think about the five years that Ayoze has been with Newcastle, they have hardly been flying high.

He began his time here in the awful 2013/14 year when he had to deal with half a season under John Carver only to survive relegation on the final day.

The next year was spent under Steve McClaren before Rafa Benitez came in to try and save the team from relegation but was ultimately unsuccessful.

He then had to spend a season in the Championship followed by two seasons in which Rafa had to work miracles with an underfunded squad.

Now he will be looking at life at Newcastle without Rafa Benitez and the likelihood of another Pardew or McClaren to work under.

While we wish he would be less vocal about his desire to leave, we do understand it.

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