Titan Sports Plus – Rafa Benitez To Be Announced As Manager Of Dalian Yifang On Tuesday

According to a tweet from Titan Sports Plus, Rafa Benitez is set to be unveiled as the new manager of Chinese Super League team Dalian Yifang tomorrow morning.

This is the tweet from Titan Sports Plus:

With today being the first official day that Rafa Benitez is not the manager of Newcastle United, it seems that his stint in unemployment could be a very short one.

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported of a massive offer to Rafa to join Dalian Yifang. The reported £12M/year deal got a lot of fans’ attention but we felt that he would not leave Newcastle at the time to coach in China.

That all changed this past Monday when Ashley released his statement on the end of the Benitez tenure in Newcastle. In yesterday’s report about a planned Rafa statement in the Sun, David Coverdale wrote this:

Benitez is expected to take up a £12million-a-year offer to manage Dalian Yifang in China.

So David could have been correct on both accounts as he was spot on about Rafa’s statement being released this morning.

We wish Rafa the best if he does decide to ply his genius in China. Late last week, we reported about how much of an impact Rafa could have in the Chinese Super League where he will be without any argument the best manager by a mile.

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