Reported Transfer Budget Of £50m Plus Player Sales Confirmed In George Caulkin Interview

In George Caulkin’s interview with Rafa Benitez, it was revealed the reported £50m plus players sales was accurate.

This is what Benitez told George Caulkin when the transfer budget was raised:

“I didn’t ask for any money. I just wanted to know how much [there was].

“The club put out some information about the budget being around million plus the money from sales and that was fine. I wasn’t complaining. I knew it was the reality.”

If Rafa had stayed, he could have also gotten an additional £40m in the likely sales of Isaac Hayden and Dwight Gayle. This would make for a very decent transfer budget.

From his comments, there does appear to be a tinge of disappointment with that budget, though it is by far and away the most he would have had to spend while at Newcastle. However, it is still dwarfed by modern-day Premier League spending and is an amount that Newcastle could have easily afforded to at least double.

The transfer budget as we all know is not why Rafa Benitez is no longer at Newcastle United.

It remains to be seen if this same transfer budget will be sanctioned for the new manager. If it is and it also includes player sales, he could have a transfer kitty nearing £150m with the amount of player outgoings these recent events could ignite.

This summer could be very different from the normal in regards to transfers. Mike Ashley will have to give the new manager money to spend or will be risking an even greater chance of relegation than currently exists.

The likely outcome is that there is more money than usual to spend this summer, but precious few players willing to join the Ashley circus.

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