Report – Solskjaer Wants Longstaff In This Week

The Daily Star are reporting that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is hoping to have a transfer deal for Sean Longstaff tied up this week.

Apparently, the Manchester United manager wants Longstaff on board prior to them leaving for their pre-season tour on July 8th.

Earlier reports have stated that Manchester United would open the bidding at £15m which of course would be summarily rejected by Newcastle.

This report has the initial bid at £20m plus add-ons and a five year deal for Sean at £75k/week. The Daily Star seems to think that this would do the trick.

Sean Longstaff– we may have to face the inevitable

If Newcastle accept a bid of that amount for Sean Longstaff we would be very shocked and devastated.

Well, we’ll be devastated at any price because we would see a local lad with such potential taken from the club while in his infancy and it would be solely down to the avarice and stubbornness of one man. And no matter what the price, it would not be fully invested back into the club in any case.

We will have to see what transpires this week as everything with this club is so fluid at the moment. There simply is no foundation and no structure in place without Rafa Benitez.

If Sean pushes for a move then fair play to him. We would understand but if he doesn’t then there is no need to sell. The club makes a fortune in TV revenue. But Ashley cares about deals in which he comes out on top and Sean is a cheap commodity that he can reap financial gain on.

Sean Longstaff yesterday was reportedly open to waiting until a new manager was hired before making a decision on his future. But those same reports stated that he was absolutely gutted that Rafa Benitez was leaving. Earlier this month with the prospect of working under Rafa for years to come, Sean all but committed his future to Newcastle United on NUFC TV.

The loss of Rafa Benitez has changed all that. It has changed everything. We were past the hard part and about to crest, but Mike Ashley has kicked the club back down the hill and tried to smash our will to get back up. But he has gone too far this time.

Sell Sean Longstaff and things could get very ugly.

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