Rafa Wanted To Stay – It’s An Indictment Against Ashley – Fans React Strongly To Rafa’s Message

I read the very classy going away message from Rafa Benitez to Newcastle fans this morning and I am devastated again!

If it wasn’t for Ashley we could have had Rafa signed up for five years and everybody would be dancing on Northumberland Street.

The important piece of his message to our fans was the following:

“I wanted to stay but I didn’t just want to sign an extended contract – I wanted to be part of a project.”

“Unfortunately it became increasingly clear to me that those at the top of the Club did share the same vision.”

“I’m very sad about that.”

If it isn’t already abundantly clear that’s an indictment against Mike Ashley that he never wanted and never wants Newcastle to be a top six club.

He must sell up and if he comes back – as we expect – and says he cannot sell the club we cannot accept that.

Here are some tweets from our fans today:

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