Geordie Radio Host Based In Dubai Give Positive Update On Takeover

Peter Redding who is a Capital Radio presenter based in Dubai has just tweeted out the following information:

According to Peter, BZG are still optimistic and are waiting on the Premier League.

While we’ve seen these types of positive updates all before, Peter does mention a forthcoming statement in the next few days.

It is unclear from his tweet if the statement will be from the Premier League or from BZG.

Newcastle fans could certainly use some good news this week after suffering through last week with the news of Rafa’s departure.

It may be that Peter Redding has heard something positive recently. He tweeted this last Tuesday after being asked by reeling Newcastle fans desperate for positive news on the takeover front:

Let’s hope we do hear something over the next few days. Even if it is negative, Newcastle fans can then fully concentrate and unite on getting Ashley out of the club

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