The Class Of Wor Flags – And Our Love For Rafa Benitez

The Wor Flags group have done a lot of excellent work since they came into existence and have created some great flags that were shown in the Gallowgate end.

Most of the flags were for the most important person at Newcastle over the last 39 months – manager Rafa Benitez.

But our owner Mike Ashley – in all his (limited) wisdom – has let Rafa leave the club and the club is once again in complete and utter shambles.

With the emphasis on complete and utter.

Wor Flags announced they will suspend their making and showing of flags after Rafa was let go by Ashley last Monday.

The classy group have draped one of Rafa’s flags at St. James’ Park today in tribute to the manager for the great job he has done for the club for over three years.

This is Rafa’s last official day as our manager.

A fine gesture for one of the best managers Newcastle will ever have.

Is there no way we can bring him back to Newcastle?

Congratulations to Wor Flags for another great gesture on behalf of the fans.

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