Report – Sean Longstaff Will Wait To Consider Future

The Daily Star are reporting that while Sean Longstaff is “bitterly upset” with the departure of Rafa Benitez, he will not make a rash decision about his future at the moment.

This what the Daily Star are reporting about Sean Longstaff:

The player recently made it clear he wanted to stay and continue his impressive, rapid development under Benitez.

But that was before the Spanish coach, who gave Longstaff his league debut at Liverpool on Boxing Day, was shown the door in acrimonious fashion by club supremo Mike Ashley.

Longstaff, who signed a new four-year deal last season, Is said to be equally surprised and unhappy by the sudden twist in events.

Now he intends to see who is appointed as Benitez’s successor before making up his mind whether to stay – or push for an immediate move to United.

The part about Sean being upset and shocked is not really surprising. We’re sure that the majority of Newcastle players are feeling down and unsure at the way Rafa has left the club.

The interesting part of the report to us is that Sean Longstaff will wait to see who is appointed before making up his mind. Since Lee Charnley is running the manager search, this could take quite a while.

Sean Longstaff– waiting for new manager appointment?

However, Manchester United are widely reported to be preparing an imminent bid for Sean Longstaff. If that occurs it will certainly affect Sean’s decision about his future.

Longstaff will have to weigh money, security, playing time, and loyalty into any decision to leave Newcastle. He would most certainly get a healthy wage bump by joining the Red Devils.

However, he would most likely not be first choice and that could stunt his development. He also would be leaving the area he grew up in and the team that he grew up supporting. He will in essence be giving up his dream of wearing the black and white stripes of Newcastle United.

While this would certainly be a healthy choice financially and also provide an instant boost to his global image, he would be plying his trade in front of a lukewarm fanbase. These are the same fans who want the Glazers out and have no conception of what it is like to really hurt.

These will be fans with which he will have little name recognition currently and little connection with. He will not be considered a big signing by most of the Man U fanbase as a majority of them will likely never have heard of him except through the recent transfer talk.

He will be giving up a lot by leaving Newcastle United now. Though with the current state of the club under Mike Ashley no fan would blame him. But he may end up regretting a decision to leave. There’s no place like home even if it is a wreck at the moment.

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