Report – French Consortium In Bid For Newcastle United

The Sun are reporting of a new group that is seeking to buy Newcastle United. They are said to be a French Consortium and are rivaling the Bin Zayed Group and a group led by Peter Kenyon for the purchase of Newcastle.

It was the Sun’s Justin Allen who broke the news of the takeover attempt by BZG in late May. Though Allen still maintains that the take over is progressing, this new revelation brings some doubt as to how far along the Bin Zayed group are in their attempt.

We had heard in multiple reports that the Bin Zayed Group has yet to achieve exclusivity in talks with Mike Ashley. This would mean that other groups could still be in the running to purchase Newcastle.

Chief among these claimants on non-exclusivity is the Times’ George Caulkin who late last week reported that Rafa Benitez would walk away from Newcastle. A prediction that turned out to be 100% accurate.

The Sun’s Ken Lawrence is reporting that the unnamed French Consortium were preparing a bid to purchase Newcastle. The report, however, also claims that they are reconsidering this bid in the wake of Rafa Benitez’s departure from the club.

Rafa Benitez– the French, they love me

This is what Lawrence writes about these new breaking developments:

A new consortium was understood to be preparing to rival the Bin Zayed Group who announced last month that they had come to terms with owner Ashley.

The Arabs’ bid, led by Sheikh Khaled and revealed exclusively by Sun Sport, has not moved on.

A French group had been in the process of trying to move in instead but are now having second thoughts after Benitez walked away.

They believed that under the guidance of the Spaniard Newcastle were an attractive proposition.

Keeping in mind that this report is from the Sun who broke the story and have maintained that the takeover is progressing. This is somewhat concerning in that Lawrence claims that the “Arab’s bid, has not moved on”. This would counter what Justin Allen had been reporting just this past Tuesday.

It may be that the BZG takeover has in fact stalled over the past week which would be devastating for Newcastle United supporters. Though reports of a new consortium to free us from the clutches of Mike Ashley would provide an injection of newly discovered hope.

The troubling aspect here is that the French group may now be put off due to Rafa Benitez not being the manager. If this is true, then that would be like a chainsaw to the gut for the fans, as a punch would just not be comparable.

This report of a French Consortium is a bit dubious as there are no names mentioned but we need Mike Ashley out of this club. Even if this would mean a new French contingent at Newcastle United we would welcome it. Though we would hope they don’t get any ideas with those half Newcastle/half French National team strips doing the rounds in 2013.

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