Report – Ashley Blames BZG For Rafa Departure – It’s More Baloney – Here’s Why

Neil put out an article very early this morning (1:22 am) about an exclusive report in the Mirror, with John Richardson reporting.

They say that during discussions between Ashley’s people and the Sheikh’s people the would-be buyers of Newcastle did not want Rafa as manager.

So if Ashley gave Rafa a new deal then BZG would need to break Rafa’s contract, and it would cost £6M (at or near to a year’s wages) that Rafa would get in compensation.

They said that Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho were two potential new Newcastle managers mentioned by BZG.

Mike Ashley – standing outside St. James’ Park

First of all, this flies in the face of the Sun reporter Justin Allen who first broke the news of the takeover back on May 26th – five weeks ago today!

Allen made it clear that BZG absolutely wanted Rafa as their manager at Newcastle.

If Ashley didn’t give Rafa a new deal because he was not the choice of Sheikh Khaled – then he was supposedly helping BZG buy the club – so why the delay?

If what the owner said is correct in the Mirror report, BZG should be buying the club imminently and announce that Jose Mourinho will be the new manager.

Is that really going to happen?

We have to remember this is a report from the Mirror and it’s likely untrue.

And yes – it is also a Sunday when exclusive news is always suspect.

And if it is not valid, we would expect BZG to release a statement saying that.

But fans must now concentrate ridding this albatross around the neck of Newcastle United – it’s been far too long Ashley has ruined the club over 12 years and counting.

If Newcastle are ever going to progress in the future, it will only be after Mike Ashley leaves the club.

It has to be sometime this year – if he stays on, then relegation beckons this season – once again.

We’re so sick of fighting relegation and had real hope when Mr. Bentiez was still with us.

And the Chronicle are reporting today that the club will ramp up their search for a new manager – who cares?

Unless it’s to get Rafa back.

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