Fans Care Little About A New Manager – Get Rafa Back To Save Our Club

I suppose it’s their job, but the Chronicle journalists keep reporting the Newcastle hierarchy – those idiots who have run the club for 12 years – are ramping up their search for a new manager.

And while we are still very much grieving about Rafa being forced out of the club by Ashley – who do you think we can look forward to being appointed – not a world-class manager.

Probably somebody who is available because they have been just fired by a Championship club.

That’s what the incompetent Lee Charnley did four years ago when he appointed Steve McClaren as the manager, exactly 16 days after he had been fired by Derby County.

How can a manager who couldn’t make the grade at a Championship club ever be successful at Newcastle?

Come on – let’s be factual here and not absolutely daft.

Rafa Benitez before the final game of the season at Craven Cottage
When things were still good and upbeat

But Charnley said McClaren was the perfect manager for Newcastle – now on earth could that ever be the case?

And we were relegated that season as McClaren was way over his head from the very first day forward and Charnley fired him far too late for Rafa to save us with 10 games to play.

And since then he’s been fired by Derby County (again) and Queens Park Rangers.

So much for the perfect Newcastle manager.

And Charnley is the sole man choosing the next Newcastle manager – oh my goodness – when I first head that I choked on my cornflakes.

And it wasn’t through sheer delight.

Mike Ashley has basically ripped the heart out of the club (again) by forcing Rafa out of the club and this shambles – reminiscent of September 2008 – could well lead to another relegation in the coming season.

The only solution we can see and the only solution we want is to get Rafa back at the club quickly – even on a short-term basis.

If other fans are feeling like us – they will still be devastated by Rafa leaving and a long way from getting over that.

Last May 12th, after thumping Fulham 4-0 away at Craven Cottage we thought this would be one of the best summers Newcastle fans would have in a long, long time.

But the totally incompetent Mike Ashley has once again squashed all our ambitions and hopes for the club.

And he’s still the owner – how long does this torture last?

Bring back Rafa to the club, and he’ll fix things and quickly too.

Fans have zero confidence in those two non-football guys running and ruining the club.

That’s our simple message, and unfortunately, it will not change anytime soon.

Time for Ashley to really go this time!

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