New Report Shows That Things Never Change With Charnley

The Daily Star have a report out about when managing director Lee Charnley hopes to have a new manager appointed. And it is typical Lee Charnley who has the urgency of a highly sedated sloth.

Lee Charnley hopes to have a new manager appointed by the time the team leaves for the Premier League Asia Trophy, which begins on July 17. It is painfully obvious that this club is run in a reactionary and haphazard way with absolutely no planning whatsoever.

They had no plan B for if Rafa would not sign his new contract while at the same time doing everything in their power to ensure that Rafa would not sign the contract. They are now left to scramble to hire some second rate manager.

Yet they are not even doing that. Forget scrambling or showing any urgency to resolve the absolute debacle they have created for this club and its fans.

Lee Charnley is going to go full Lee Charnely again and take his merry time while the building burns around him.

Lee Charnley– moves at the speed of evolution

It took about 15 minutes for Nottingham Forest to announce a replacement for Martin O’Neill yesterday.

It will take three weeks for Lee Charnley to hire someone if we are lucky after he and Mike Ashley burned Rafa Benitez.

The sooner we are shot of this lot the better.

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