Impressive Manager With Reported Interest Will Not Listen To Offers From Newcastle

The Shields Gazette are reporting on news from Portugal’s Jornal De Noticias recent comments attributed to Porto boss Sergio Conceicao.

The comments basically say that a move to Newcastle would be impossible so he will not be entertaining any offers. These reported comments come on the heels of news yesterday that Conceicao had an £18m release clause structured into a contract extension he signed in March.

This news alone, in all practicality, eliminates the very impressive Conceicao from any contention for the Newcastle position. If these reported comments are true then it certainly closes the door on any move.

He appears to be quite content at Porto right now though the report does indicate that it is a long term goal of his to coach in the Premier League.

The players also seem to be fully behind him. Porto’s Brazilian midfielder Otavio had this to say yesterday upon his return to Portugal:

I am happy for Sérgio Conceição to continue, he is good for FC Porto, he already knows all the players and we are also identified with him and his ideas, I am happy Sérgio Conceição is an asset for FC Porto

Sergio Conceicao– will stay at Porto

The dream scenario for Newcastle fans would be to have Rafa make a miraculous return to Newcastle while passing Mike Ashley on his way out.

We do think that if a younger coach with potential is hired, many Newcastle fans will get behind them.

However, if a manager that has failed at lesser clubs and has gotten on and off the manager-go-round over the past decade comes on board, then there is likely to be a massive backlash.

The mourning for Rafa still continues even 5 days later. When it becomes official after tomorrow, it no doubt will be more salt rubbed into an already festering wound.

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