Will Independent Regulation Be Coming To English Football?

In an interesting coincidence with matters on Tyneside this week, Labour MP for the city of Chester Chris Matheson presented a bill for the independent regulation of football at the House of Commons.

This is a Tweet from the MP prior to presenting it:

First reading of the bill went forth as planned on Wednesday, June 26th, just two days after Newcastle made their infamous statement on Rafa Benitez’s departure.

Newcastle Central Labour MP Chi Onwurah was in attendance and is also a co-sponsor.  She famously met with Mike Ashley this past January

The motion by MP Matheson detailed the situations of clubs like Blackpool, Coventry, and Bolton whose fans have been grievously let down by their owners.

Gateshead FC got a mention with their recent turmoil but, unfortunately, there was no mention of Mike Ashley and Newcastle United.

He did speak of the inadequacy of the owners and directors test, which would only be relevant for past criminal history and could not prevent a club from being bought by someone with questionable intentions.

The aim of the bill is to have independent regulation of football clubs outside of the owners.

This is part of what MP Matheson said:

A regulatory body under the auspices of the FA, adequately funded and suitably staffed, with effective regulations and the power to enforce them, could restore faith in the running of the game.

While the actual bill is not available yet online, the motion can be read here.

Second reading has not yet been scheduled but we will keep an eye out for it.

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