Rumours On Longstaff Reported By Chronicle Journalist Are Concerning

Mark Douglas of the Chronicle has sent out a tweet concerning information he is hearing from Manchester United contacts.

This is what Mark has tweeted:

He is claiming that Manchester United reporters are being told that a £25m deal for Sean Longstaff could be done.

He also adds that NUFC said a few weeks ago that Sean Longstaff was not for sale. Sean also came out on NUFC TV earlier this month and spoke about how it was his dream to play a full season at St James Park.

This was all before the developments on Monday when Mike Ashley announced that Rafa Benitez would not be returning as Newcastle manager.

Sean Longstaff and Rafa Benitez– a sight we’ll never witness again

That single act of not being able to compromise in order to keep a world-class manager and a guarantee of success could have repercussions for this club for the foreseeable future.

This Sean Longstaff affair is shaping up just like the Andy Carroll one from January 2011. Mike Ashley had Alan Pardew parade himself in front of the media and make declaration after declaration that Andy Carroll was not for sale. Only to sell the local striker to Liverpool for £25m at the last minute.

Alan Pardew had just come into the club that prior December after Mike Ashley ruthlessly fired Chris Hughton after he had brought the club back into the Premier League and had them well positioned in the League.

If Mike Ashley sells Sean Longstaff this summer that will be another low point in the history of this club and will rival the Andy Carroll transfer. This one will take Newcastle fans to an even greater level of outrage as they will have just come off the loss of their beloved manager Rafa Benitez and then to have a local lad coming into his own be taken from us will be too much in my opinion.

While this is all speculation and there have been no solid reports of even a bid being made, we are just very concerned with everything to do with this club at the moment.

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