Does Chronicle Have New Update On Takeover Progress?

The Chronicle have tweeted out the following confirmation about the progression of the takeover of Newcastle United from the clawed clutches of current owner Mike Ashley:

We wonder if they have received an update from sources or if this is the same information tweeted earlier in the week by Justin Allen and Saj Chowdhury.

This “new” information could be taken negatively or positively depending on your disposition.

The fact that talks remain “ongoing” is positive for those who feel that the recent news of a two-week deadline was a grand declaration of a dying deal. The news that they are still negotiating and deal still remains a possibility means that a deal could finally be made.

However, the end of this tweet stating that “there is yet to be breakthrough in discussions” is quite concerning considering how far along this deal has been reported as being.

We have seen evidence of or read about holding companies (Monochrome Acquisition Ltd) being set up or closed, proof of funds being shown, and the FA’s Fit and Proper Persons test being performed.

Yet we are now being told there is yet to be a breakthrough in discussions. At some point, this rollercoaster will end and we can exit. Whether we are in a better place or a worse one is a toss up at the moment.

The players report for training on July 4th and we will most likely have Neil Redfearn take the training with them.

We are a Premier League club. Just doesn’t make any sense.

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