More Nonsense From Ashley – He’s Crossed The Red Line – Force Him Out

Sunday Times journalist Duncan Castle has been talking about the potential Newcastle United takeover on the Transfer Window podcast.

And he has said that unscrupulous owner Mike Ashley has put a timeline of two weeks to see if anybody is ready to buy Newcastle United.

That’s not a long time since it was back on Sunday, May 26th when the news broke that the Sheikh Khaled led Bin Zayed Group were all ready to buy the club.

They said they had agreed on a high £350M price with Ashley to buy the club.

So what’s been happening in the four and a half weeks since the news broke?

And how and why does Ashley not know the situation of the takeover at the moment?

We think it’s Ashley who’s been delaying any deal because, in truth, he doesn’t really want to sell the club and lose all that cheap worldwide advertising for his Sports Direct company.

But this latest complete and utter shambles he’s created at Newcastle by refusing to give in to Rafa’s demands for more control over transfers at the club makes it curtains for Ashley on Tyneside.

And as we keep saying – if he’s going to sell the club this summer why is he so bothered about giving Rafa what he wants?

And we should let him know this is his final vindictive act against Rafa and the fans – there is no way back.

If, as expected, he announces the club will not be sold in two weeks (or later), then there’s just no way he can continue to take us down.

Without Rafa and a number of his top players, who will now undoubtedly want to leave Newcastle, Ashley could own a Championship club for the third time next May.

He cannot be allowed to destroy Newcastle United FC – it’s our club.

He’s never been a fit and proper owner at Newcastle, and we should do all we can do to legally and peacefully get him out of Toon.

Newcastle United will then come alive again – and hopefully under the fantastic and inspiring leadership – once again – of manager Rafa Benitez.

This blog will do anything and everything we can to bring this about.

Comments welcome.

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