Mike Ashley Needs To Be Driven Out Of This Club

The top outlets are usually filled with headlines only about Manchester City, Chelsea, or Arsenal etc. Sometimes it feels like the Premier League consists of only six bloody teams.

However, Brian Reade in the Mirror had a magnificent article on Wednesday that was pitch perfect in describing Mike Ashley’s ru(i)nning of Newcastle United.

There needs to be more of this. And it should be continuous and unrelenting. It should mirror Mike Ashley’s disdain for the supporters of this club and be as brutal as possible. And it would be the truth.

Here is an excerpt from Brian Reade’s article:

Yet in the 12 years since Ashley picked up Newcastle for £135million, on a whim, he has messed with their heads on such an illogical, unparalleled scale that a psychiatrist would surely conclude he gets off on it.

He sacked well-loved managers Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer and Chris Hughton, and imposed Joe Kinnear, Dennis Wise and John Carver on them.

He renamed their hallowed ground after his sports-gear firm and sold their iconic shirts to Wonga.

He wrote off all cup competitions, gave Alan Pardew an eight-year contract and has just priced the new replica home shirt at £65, making it the most expensive in English football.

We find Brian to be spot on in this and his article reads as if was written by a Newcastle supporter.

We could add to Brian’s list but the examples would be endless. However, two come to mind that are perfect representations of how to peg Mike Ashley. They are the sale of Andy Carroll and his disgraceful treatment of Jonas Gutierrez while he was stricken with cancer.

While the sale of Andy Carroll is not in itself devious. His assertions that the money was already spent the next summer was. There was no evidence of the Andy Carroll money being invested in the club.

These two incidents are all you need to know about Mike Ashley. They are two examples that deal with two distinct aspects of his character – greed and lack of empathy – that boil down to one glaring discovery.

Mike Ashley is a sociopath. He does not care about people at all. He cares about himself and his money. That is it. This needs to be exposed. Mike Ashley cannot continue to run this club. He is unfit as an owner and a representative of Newcastle United. The Premier League, the FA, and the media need to act accordingly.

Brian continues in his article:

And through all those bizarre decisions, he imposed a Stalinist black-out on all information about the goings-on at St James’ Park.

It’s seemed deliberately vindictive.

As Keegan revealed last year, he was hurt at being “treated like dirt” by Ashley and his henchmen, and was appalled at their “disregard for people”.

The media need to do more of this but they have yet to act in accordance with Ashley’s depravity.

This is an environment where #Glazersout is trending in the UK while Manchester United are about to seal a £50M on Aaron Wan-Bissaka, a genius of a player.

Why is Ashley Out not everywhere? His discretions are deliberate and depraved.

Mike Ashley’s treatment of Newcastle United fans needs to be exposed. And it must be continuous and unrelenting!

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