Is Mike Ashley About To Pull The Plug On Takeover?

There is a report in the Daily Star about Mike Ashley has put a two-week deadline on any proposed takeover.

This revelation comes from journalist Duncan Castles when speaking on The Transfer Window podcast.

This is what Castles has said on the matter:

“What I’ve been told is that Ashley himself has put a deadline on these discussions about a takeover for this summer and that he wants a decision one way or the other inside the next two weeks.

“Why? Because if a takeover is not going to take place, and I think the fact that a deadline is being placed on discussions suggests that none of these offers are as near to the line as they have been presented as being, if that deadline has been put in place it’s because Ashley realises if you don’t have a buyer as we get closer and closer to the edge of the transfer window, you have a problem.

“And if he doesn’t have a buyer, he’s going to have to manage the club going into next season.

“That deadline that I’ve been told of would give him about a month before the transfer window closes, in which to buy and sell players for Newcastle for next season and to sort out the issue of manager.”

“And it’s not the main thing in his life by any stretch of the imagination, so he can afford to wait.

It just goes from bad to worse. It’s looking like we have gone from the lofty prospects of Sheikh Khaled and Rafa down to Mike Ashley and (insert inferior manager’s name here).

However, with Mike Ashley’s proclivity for deceit, we can’t rule out that this two-week deadline would have something to do with stringing season ticket holders along until the renewal period has passed.

The mere inclination that Mike Ashley would be at all bothered about having enough time for transfer activity is beyond a laugh.

He has never taken proper preparation for a football season into account before and he will not do it now.

This takeover is all we really have to cling to. We used to have Rafa Benitez but Mike Ashley has taken him from us.

Next, it will be Sean Longstaff, Fabian Schar, Martin Dubravka, and Ayoze Perez.

Mike Ashley does not care about the damage he has wrought on this club. As Duncan Castles even alludes to in his statements:

“And it’s not the main thing in his life by any stretch of the imagination, so he can afford to wait.

Well, it is one of the main things in the lives of Newcastle United supporters.

Our club and our very passions are a game to Mike Ashley. A twisted game that he only toys with when he can be bothered.

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