Former England International And BBC Pundit Comments On Newcastle Player Exodus

Danny Mills has spoken to Football Insider in an exclusive interview on the situation with the squad at Newcastle United.

This is what Danny Mills had to say:

I think they will be able to keep them. They are not in a financial crisis where they need to sell. Mike Ashley is shrewd enough to look at it and run it as a business.

“Mike Ashley doesn’t need to sell and can keep his best players. It then depends on which managers come in and who he wants.

“I don’t think there is a brilliant player at Newcastle who lots of top clubs will want. There’s no-one in that squad who makes you say, ‘wow, he’s irreplaceable’. Who are the stars in that team?

“You have a nucleus of a decent squad and it needs three or four quality signings this summer. There no-one who can’t be replaced.”

This is a different perspective from the news that broke yesterday that had the Newcastle squad looking for the nearest exit. Though that could still be the case, Mills is taking a more businesslike and reserved look on the situation.

However he does not seem to understand the motivations of our club’s abductor, erm I mean owner.

While it is true that Mike Ashley does not “need” to sell. That is not the problem. Necessity was never a problem for the Billionaire. The problem will be him “wanting” to cash in. Which Mike (C)Ashley has shown time and again to be his inclination.

It’s his stated business model to cash in. If the price is right, the player will be sold without any thought to squad necessity or cohesion.

We also disagree with his assessment on the Newcastle squad. As already Sean Longstaff to Manchester United, Martin Dubravka to Juventus, Ayoze Perez to Valencia, and Miguel Almiron to Real Madrid have been doing the rounds this summer.

This is what is so truly infuriating about this week’s development with Rafa Benitez. The squad was so close with all roads heading towards Nirvana for the fans.

It just needed a few key additions and Rafa could have worked his magic to turn this club into a team challenging for Europe.

But Mike Ashley has blown that glorious path to bits. And we are again left with another season to ponder what might have been.

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