Young Venezuelan Striker Target Refuses To Report For Training – Pushing For A Move

Reports from TN in Argentina reveals that reported Newcastle United striker target Jan Hurtado has refused to return to training for Argentinian club Gimnasia.

Even though Gimnasia President Gabriel Pellegrino flew to Italy to draw interest for the nineteen-year-old which resulted in a bid from Sampdoria; it now appears that the player is likely to stay in Argentina with Boca Juniors having turned his head.

Jan Hurtado– most likely to stay in Argentina

There are also complications with the ownership of the player that has been revealed in the latest report. Apparently, Gimnasia only owns 50% of the rights to Hurtado while a separate business group owns the other half. This has complicated matters significantly.

Hurtado is pushing for the move and may report back to Gimnasia but not take part in training as negotiations with Boca continue. One possible outcome is that Boca pays 50% of the player’s rights to Gimnasia while loaning them one of their young up and coming players.

This is quite a tangled mess of a situation for Gimnasia who had hoped to secure a €10M transfer fee for the striker.

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