Report – Manchester United Bid For Sean Longstaff Is Coming

In the Evening Standard’s Manchester United transfer report there is a frightening paragraph about Sean Longstaff.

The paragraph reads as follows:

James Robson reports that United are set to make an official bid for Newcastle United midfielder Sean Longstaff imminently, with the Red Devils looking to take advantage of the fact that Rafa Benitez is leaving the Magpies.

To lose Rafa Benitez in the manner that we have is going to have massive repercussions for the club. Sean Longstaff had proclaimed his dreams of playing for his hometown and all but squashing the Manchester United rumours earlier this month.

Now we have to wonder if the departure of Benitez will open him up to considering an offer from the Red Devils. Our academy has been sub-standard for ages.

If this summer we lose our most promising youngster in a generation, and a local lad at that, due to the dereliction of this owner that would add further insult to an already salt-rubbed wound.

Rafa and Sean– what might have been?

The Mike Ashley model is to bring in players with a high sell-on value. With a player like Sean Longstaff, Ashley did not even half to pay to bring him in. To think he could sell the local phenom for £25M, and to Manchester United of all clubs.

We have to brace for impact I’m afraid. On Monday, Mike Ashley seized the controls of this club and sent it into a nosedive. We haven’t hit the ground yet and cannot assess the full damage of this catastrophic action. Once we do hit the ground, the decimation of this club may be complete.

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