Craig Hope – Sean Dyche and Mikel Arteta Are Being Considered For Newcastle Job

Craig Hope has written for the Daily Mail that both Burnley manager Sean Dyche and Manchester City assistant manager Mikel Arteta are being considered as Rafa Benitez’s successor.

While Mikel Arteta has yet to be tested as a manger, he has been an assistant to Pep Guardiola since 2016 alongside Brian Kidd (who I met through my father in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as a child in 1983).

Sean Dyche has, of course, done extremely well at Burnley where he was appointed manager in 2012. He previously had managed Watford for a brief period before being let go by a new owner.

Sean Dyche– prior to Rafa, we would have welcomed him with open arms

While Sean Dyche has done notably well at Burnley, keeping them in the Premier League and even achieving a seventh place finish in 2018, we just aren’t as excited about him as we would have been in the time before Rafa.

This is the problem that will face Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley, and any new manager that is appointed. When compared to Rafa Benitez, you can’t help but contort one side of your face into the universal look of apprehension. It’s the law of physics.

To be fair, we have always respected Sean. He has done well with limited resources at Burnley where he has a 38% win percentage over 306 matches between the Premier League and the Championship.

Mikel Arteta– could be good but who knows?

Mikel Arteta is an interesting candidate in that you don’t really know what you are getting. He could become very successful as he has been an apprentice under world class manager Pep Guardiola.

Or he could be John Carver who despite being an assistant to Bobby Robson, we still somehow managed to produce the tail end of 2015. You just never know.

Though, Vincent Kompany seems to think that Arteta is made of the right stuff to succeed Pep at Manchester City. This is what he said when taking the helm at Anderlecht and asked if he could ever manage Manchester City:

“Let me start with this. Let City be City under Pep, which is an awesome club.

“And behind Pep there is Mikel Arteta, who has a lot of knowledge and is the right man to look at.”

At this point, we are still pining for Rafa Benitez. Anyone else is just not to our liking.

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