Ashley’s Mess Much Like 2008 – One Goal – Avoid Relegation – Club Will Not Be Sold Now

The current situation at Newcastle which Mike Ashley has single-handedly created is another complete and utter mess that is embarrassing for our club.

This time the clueless owner has somehow failed to agree terms with Rafa Benitez on his proposed new contract – so Rafa will leave the club when his contract runs out next Sunday.

It looks like Mike Ashley had a close call because Rafa wanted to do some crazy things – like win trophies – and on top of that – he even wanted to be in total control of the transfer funds.

Awkward indeed for our clueless owner who is using the club only for his Sports Direct business.

It reminds us when Kevin Keegan was forced out back in September 2008, when the club was again in complete disarray and we lost many points in the pursuing months in the Premier League.

We ended up being relegated.

So that’s the level of progress we have made in 11 years under Ashley.

And with players likely to want to leave a Newcastle club without Rafa Benitez – things look dismal for next season.

Some of our best players brought in by Rafa – like Dubravka, Schar, and Fernandez and maybe even young Sean Longstaff – will likely want to leave the club.

They have seen the shoddy and unethical way the owner operates – when he announced the manager was leaving last Monday without bothering to tell Rafa an announcement was being issued.

Rafa had everybody associated with Newcastle behind him over the three years he was here – except one man.

Mike Ashley the owner.

And you can bet Ashley will now hire a mediocre manager at best, who will be willing to live within the tight financial constraints of the club.

The main remit for the incoming manager (unless Rafa comes back) is to avoid relegation and they will get a big bonus if they can do that.

That’s the limit of what Ashley wants at Newcastle, so the ads at St. James’ Park can be seen around the world when our games are televised live.

This man must be removed from the club – something needs to be done.

If nothing changes for the better – we really doubt now that any takeover can happen with Rafa gone.

There’s new in the Chronicle today that Ashley wants the club to go in a new direction (up?)  – why would he even be thinking about that if he is selling the club?

Why would he argue over a one-year contract extension for Rafa is he is selling the club this summer?

A Newcastle relegation – it would be our 3rd under Ashley – must now be a real concern for any would-be buyer unless they can get a deal done quickly.

And we’re sure Ashley will prevent that from happening.

We’ll do very well to still be a Premier League club at this time next year.

Mike Ashley is the one man stopping Newcastle United moving forward and becoming a great club again.

He has to go – the sooner the better.

And this is not a negative article – this is the situation Mike Ashley has created once again at the club.

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