Ashley Wants Takeover Update – Things Become More Complicated – Bring Rafa Back To Stabilize Club

It’s being reported in the Independent today that the replacement manager for Rafa Benitez and length of time he gets the job for – may be dictated by the potential takeover.

If the club is sold then the new owners will want their own manager in place, and therefore Mike Ashley may only appoint a short-term replacement until the club is sold.

One of the interested parties is Dubai-based Sheikh Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and they have said they would keep Rafa as manager.

But that was before he left on Monday.

Jose Mourinho is also free, and out of contract so the new owners could also appoint Mourinho as their new manager.

Once again, things under Ashley are moving at a snail’s pace and this takeover – if it ever happens – may not complete for months.

Haven’t we heard this story somewhere before, where takeover talks drag on and on and on – and then Ashley comes out and says he couldn’t sell the club?

If it’s a short-term replacement, the obvious best choice would be Rafa Benitez, and he would stabilize the club before it is sold.

But maybe the relationship between owner and manager has broken down so much that is no longer possible.

It could also mean that Rafa may wait to see what happens with any takeover – but we wouldn’t hold our breath on that one.

As we said, we’ve seen this film before – and it usually ends with Mike Ashley staying in control.

But before any of that happens then Newcastle could well be in deep in relegation trouble, and that could affect any takeover as it has done before.

Only Rafa Benitez can calm things down, and he could help Newcastle be sold to new owners – he could aslo keep us out of relegation trouble.

What we think has happened is that would-be owners were surprised by Rafa Benitez’ exit announced on Monday afternoon and they are trying to find out what the hell (excuse my French) Ashley is doing.

Ashley obviously hasn’t thought this thing through at all – and it shows – he cannot manage for toffee.

A long-term appointment at Newcastle wouldn’t work for potential new owners who will want to appoint their own man.

For the Sheikh Khaled led BZG – that would be Rafa Benitez.

Given all this, tell us again why Mike Ashley did not sign up Rafa for a year?

The owner is toxic to the club.

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