Ashley Must Reverse Course Now – Sign Rafa – Fans Must Save Our Club – Before It Falls Apart

Mike Ashley has really done it this time and as usual – without any class.

He issued the statement on Rafa on Monday afternoon after Alan Shearer had called for some information on the status of Rafa.

And it looks like he didn’t bother telling Rafa about it – that’s the classless idiot who is destroying the club – if left to his own means.

He’s just a nasty man who seems determined to destroy the club.

We must stop Ashley now before most of our best players leave the club and Newcastle United completely implodes.

There are definite signs of that and the names we are being handed as potential successors to Mr. Benitez are second rate at best.

Rafa was the glue holding Newcastle together and without him, the club will fall apart.

Nobody can replace Rafa.

The fans need to let their voices be heard now – we cannot allow Rafa to leave the club like this.

Everybody is sympathetic to the Newcastle fans.

Now’s the time to act.

We have to save our club.

Ashley has to leave – and we can still get Rafa back.

I’m sick to death of Ashley destroying  Newcastle.

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